Bartending Guide


Welcome to Boozl, your online bartending resource.  Whether you want to start a new career as a bartender or just make a few extra bucks part time, you've come to the right place.  We provide everything you need to get your foot in the door tending bar. 

You don't need a bartender's license, nor do you need to attend an expensive bartending school to get started in the industry.  You do need perseverance, a good attitude, and people skills.  More than anything else bartending requires a certain social aptitude and a fondness for human interaction.  Worry not introverts!  You can acquire these skills if you're willing to push yourself.

Although tending bar does pay off handsomely for the very best, those lucky souls earning $300-$800 and above in tips per night, you won't make that much right off the bat.  In fact even if you were to attend one of those fancy bartending schools, you probably wouldn't even start off as a bartender.

The road to bartending usually begins with the very unglamorous position of a "bar back" or "busser" as some people call them.  Many bars promote only from within, and those bars that do hire outside normally only hire those lucky individuals with experience.  Therefore you'll likely start out as a bar back.

A bar back is basically a bartender's assistant.  They keep the bar clean, the ice tubs full, and the well beer stocked.  The key to this position is that is allows those with no experience to learn the trade.  As you gain experience you'll eventually assist the bartenders in mixing drinks when it's busy.  After paying your dues, with luck you'll move up to bartending during slow shifts or when someone calls in sick.  This is how many people get their shot.  A couple guys call in sick and you're the only one available.

To get started we suggest that you read as much as you can about bartending in general.  Become familiar with the different liquors, the difference between scotch and bourbon, dark and light ales, generic and top shelf, you get the point.  Practice mixing the classic drinks until you can make them with your eyes closed. 

Practice at home will never replace real world experience, but it can set you apart from the other seven guys applying for the same job at a high end club.  Nothing compares to working behind a counter with people lined up eight deep, music blasting, and people shouting orders in your ear.  The only way to prepare for that type of scene is with real world experience.

So read the website from front to end starting with our guide on how to mix drinks.  Polish up your resume, put on your nicest outfit, and start hitting the bars!